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iPhone MagSafe Car Wireless Charger

iPhone MagSafe Car Wireless Charger

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Experience an effortless charging experience with our Magnetic Car Wireless Charger. Designed for modern drivers, this charger ensures that your device remains powered up while you're on the move. With its magnetic attraction and clamping features, your device remains secure and charged during any journey.

Key Features:

  • Easy Clamping: Quickly and securely mount your device with the user-friendly clamping mechanism. This ensures your device remains stable, even on bumpy roads.
  • Magnetic Attraction: The charger’s surface boasts strong magnetic properties, allowing for swift attachment and ensuring your device remains in place without the need for cumbersome adjustments.
  • Efficient Charging: With wireless charging capabilities, avoid the tangle of wires in your car and enjoy a seamless charging experience.
  • Multiple Power Outputs: Available in both standard 5W and faster 10W versions, you can choose the model that best meets your device’s charging needs.
  • Indication Function: A built-in indicator lets you know when your device is charging and when it's fully charged, preventing overcharging and ensuring optimal battery health.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with any device that supports wireless charging.


  • Model: W5
  • Input: 5V
  • Output: 5V
  • Charging Current: 1000mA
  • Interface: USB
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